Labour MP Fiona Onasanya faces possible jail term for lying to avoid speeding charge

Wait a minute – is this an elected MP being found guilty of lying?

I’m stunned…

…particularly following on from the #stupidwoman debacle involving “The People’s Champ” himself, Jezza Corbyn.

So Fiona Onasanya lied about being the driver of her car that was clocked at doing over 40mph in a 30mph zone, in order to get out of paying a fine – all while being an elected MP who is responsible for representing the people who elected her.

I wonder what THEY think of this?

Don’t get me wrong, Ms. Onasanya isn’t the first MP to get caught out lying. The thing is, she’ll be only one of a few to actually get into trouble for it…

And people wonder why I’m not loyal to a political party, when it’s so easy for MPs to lie about small things like speeding tickets.

It makes you wonder what else they’d be willing to lie about for personal gain…

Brexit anyone?


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