YouTube’s greatest videos – Fallout 4: Geordie Apocalypse The Movie

Alreet like pet?

Just a word of warning before you play this video in your workplace – this is definitely NSFW!

Although this video is over 2 years old, it’s still one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen on YouTube. Yes, it’s heavily laden with “Geordie” puns and humour, which means that a lot of people south of the Tyne might not understand a lot of it – but give it a go anyway, it’s definitely worth it!

Oh, and if you need any help with the cultural references – 

Jimmy Nail = better than Sting

People from Hartlepool are NOT Geordies

Ham and pease pudding stotties are the only sandwich worth talking about

People from Hartlepool are known as “Monkey Hangers” –

here’s why

Anyway, have a watch and see what you think. Make sure to check out the rest of the content on VideoGamerTv 

Let me know in the comments what you think of it!


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